Sunday, January 8, 2017

Teacher Memes = SO FUNNY

Teacher memes rock. They always make everything better.

Teacher memes might just be the best inspiration for blog topics! This...This is just funny! It's seriously true. 

This one just made me laugh out loud. I don't know any teachers that don't feel a little bit like this (A LOT LIKE THIS) most days. We get up every day to go do a job that we set out to love. And we come home feeling like THIS! It feels a little bit like the Twilight Zone to me. When I first started teaching, in the mid-90's, I was given so much autonomy. I loved it so much. I taught in the inner-city, and was a girl from the suburbs. I didn't have much to work with, but I made it work every day. I ALWAYS went home exhausted, but it was the best kind of exhausted I can think of. Fast forward almost 20 years and it isn't really the "good kind" of exhausted anymore. My world of teaching was taken over by initiatives long, long ago. 

Are there other teachers out there that KNOW they could produce even BETTER test scores if everyone would just let them teach? I feel like begging sometimes. Please, stop this madness of crazy teacher evaluations and mandated professional development that may or not be valuable. Stop this frenzy of RTI-SIP-MTSS-PLC's-IST's-PBIS-Assessments-Interventions. Let me teach. 

Teachers seriously shouldn't feel like that every day. They're TEACHERS.  

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