Sunday, February 12, 2017

Where are the PENCILS??? Seriously???

I don't think you can blog about education right now without politics rearing its ugly head. This week...we watched Betsy DeVos become the most influential person in the world of school. Her first question was, "Where are the pencils?"

Sorry Betsy. We buy our OWN pencils. I get that she has never stepped foot in a public school before...but come on.

We buy our own EVERYTHING, dear Betsy. 

I have to talk about this. This is crazy! We have a woman in charge of ALL public education (the most important thing we have to offer our kids) and she has never been to one. She didn't go to public school. Her kids didn't go to public school. She has no formal training in anything related to education. And she has absolutely NO knowledge of how the public schools work. She can't say she believes kids with disabilities deserve an education....but she DOES think we should have guns in schools, just in case of a grizzly attack. 

Grizzlies are the LEAST of our worries now that Betsy is in charge!

 The world has gone mad. And this is one of the things that must be discussed. I am from Michigan. I have worked for a public school system for 15 years. Before that...I spent four years at a charter school in the city of Detroit. I've seen both sides. I even loved my charter school. But I can tell you the charters that are popping up every day in Michigan are WRECKING the public schools. And their  student achievement data is not better that traditional public schools. In fact. It is WORSE...far worse. 

Buckle up America...Betsy bought herself a position as the Secretary of Education...and it ain't gonna be pretty. 

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